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Fire at Brucefield Industrial Estate Sunday update

Fire at Brucefield Industrial Estate Sunday update

Update of the situation late afternoon on the Sunday immediately following Thursday’s inferno.

The roof has collapsed on top of what remains of the factory floor preventing access to pockets of burning embers trapped beneath. The fire fighters can pump as much water in as they like but the fire won’t totally go out until they can expose it and deal with it.

There as a large demolition digger with a claw pulling bits off and a tender crew standing by to hose down each new flare up that erupts as the embers breath fresh air.

To date the only injury reported was a minor burn to the back of someone’s hand. Four firefighters were taken to hospital as precautionary measures after feeling unwell while tackling the blaze. All have been released.

Fire at Brucefield Industrial Estate update 4594

Fires still burning.


These things can take much longer to deal with permanently that one would expect! Any idea what caused the fire yet?

Informal comment is that a machine or something associated with its operation went on fire. Why it did has not been suggested or why it would go so dramatically out of control so quickly. These images were mostly taken around 30-60 minutes from the start. It begs the question as to what systems were in place to prevent or extinguish any such events. I understand they printed plastic packaging for biscuits so there would have been bulk supplies of inks, solvents, plastics and perhaps gas or heating systems. There were acetylene cylinders involved that makes me wonder what they did with them. Perhaps there were high temperature processes but I’m not aware of the specific processes so it’s an educated guess. I used to run a small offset-litho printing business and I recall some of the solvents and chemicals were extremely volatile, like (MEK) Methyl Ethyl Ketone – bang. The company must have operated good alarm and evacuation procedures as no one was injured beyond a minor burn. It was quite an experience watching this all happening so close to home. I can only imagine how the employees must feel.

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