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Jupiter Artland

Jupiter Artland

These photos were taken at Jupiter Artland.

Photos of Jupiter Artland

Located amid beautiful countryside near Edinburgh, visiting Jupiter Artland is a wonderfully strange quirky experience.

Photos of Jupiter Artland

Set in the private grounds of Bonnington House, contemporary artworks sculpted from the ground form an interactive experience as you meander through the grounds or sit and absorb the tranquillity. Works are by many of today’s leading artists, sculptors and land artists.

Photo of Bonnington House

Refreshments were available, served from a gleaming caravan café that has a retro and futuristic look at the same time. The culinary experience was something special and the desert to “die for”.

Photo of Jupiter Artland gleaming food caravan

Photo of Jupiter Artland delicious food

Indoors there is another gallery of art that completely surrounds, absorbs and enchants the senses.

Photo of Jupiter Artland

Photo of Jupiter Artland

Photo of Jupiter Artland

When visiting, I was short of time and feel that my photos don’t do it justice. I must return when I am not rushed.

Photo of tranquil pond in Jupiter Artland

It opens for the season between May and September. Opening times are limited.

Check the Jupiter Artland website for full details.

I hope you enjoy some of the flavour of my experience there.

Photo of Jupiter Artland

All images by photographer Norman Young © Copyright. Please respect copyright.


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