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The Royal Air Force Red Arrows at Greenock Tall Ships Race

The Royal Air Force Red Arrows at Greenock Tall Ships Race

Update (20 August 2011): I note with great sadness that one of the Red Arrows crashed at Bournemouth Air Festival and that the pilot Flight Lieutenant Jon Egging tragically lost his life. I salute the courage and bravery of all the armed services including the RAF. The RAF Red Arrows have brought pleasure to many over many years on this sad day and I express my condolences to the family, friends and the Red Arrows team.

The finale to the Greenock Tall Ships Race event took place prior to the ships setting out on the “Parade of Sail”.

The lone Red Arrow

Noyo photos of the RAF Red Arrow close up

Despite a slightly more optimistic forecast the weather was sadly grey and cloudy, which is a disappointment for any photographer in such circumstances. There are other ways to make your images “pop” than sunshine and good light but there is a limit to what can be achieved by software without it looking unreal.

Never-the-less the RAF Red Arrows put on a stunning display, flying beneath the cloud base, almost scrapping the trees on the Greenock’s leafy residential Esplanade, disappearing behind the spectacular hilly scenery that is visible over the Clyde Estuary from Greenock, swooping next to the docks where container ships were loading and a cruise ship awaited departure with the Tall Ships.

The professionalism and courage of these pilots is amazing.

Swooping on the esplanade at Greenock.

Noyo photos of the RAF Red Arrows swooping

They are apparently on a collision course, watched by people onboard a flotilla of diverse watercraft.

Noyo photos of two RAF Red Arrows on collision course

Almost the same again but straight at each other looking like a near miss this time.

Noyo photos of the RAF Red Arrows in near miss

Painting a fallen over dollar ($) in the sky.

Noyo photos of the RAF Red Arrows in dollar shaped sequence

There seems to be one missing from this display. Only 8 Red Arrows sweep over the Greenock trees. Did it get lost somewhere?

Noyo photos of the RAF Red Arrows skimming the trees

Powering down towards the Greenock Container Terminal.

Noyo photos of the RAF Red Arrows buzzing Greenock container terminal

Another head to head here.

Noyo photos of the RAF Red Arrows in straight collision course

Powering out, on the level, passing the Clyde Port Authority control tower at the “tail of the bank”..

Noyo photos of the RAF Red Arrows powering out of dive
Apparently there is a female pilot in the Red Arrows team. To avoid offending anyone I better not speculate which one or make comments about “lady drivers”! Or perhaps this is the 9th one arriving a bit late. 😉

“There’s always one”.

Noyo photos of the RAF Red Arrows with odd one out

All the photographs were taken by Scottish photographer Norman Young and are copyright ©.

Please respect copyright.


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