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The Tall Ships Event at Greenock

The Tall Ships Event at Greenock

Greenock in Inverclyde was the host of The Tall Ships Race event over the weekend, 9-12 July 2011. Fortunately there was pleasant summer sunshine for most of the time I was there.

photograph of Tall Ships in Greenock docks

Ships from various countries around the world, including Europe, Scandinavia, Australia, South Africa and the USA, were docked as part of the route on their voyage that takes in Waterford in Ireland, Greenock in Scotland, Lerwick in Shetland, Stavanger in Norway and Halmstad in Sweden.

photograph of a "tall man" entertainer at The Tall Ships

“Sail Training International” is the charity which organises for The Tall Ships Races. It shares its values with “Sail Inverclyde” in developing young people through sail training as well as bringing people together of all nationalities, religions and social backgrounds.

Noyo photographs of Mir from Russia

I’m not sure how accurate the figure is but I heard someone say around 1.2 million people visited the event to experience the atmosphere, see the ships with their smartly dressed, youthful crews and enjoy the variety of entertainments laid on. There were parades, stage performances, street theatre, entertainers and fairground attractions.

Noyo photograph of the bow of Tall Ship Mir

The stage performances covered range for genres from brass bands, bagpipes, rock and pop, salsa, Celtic and traditional music. Some of these musicians can be seen in other posts on this website.

Noyo photograph of ship mast

There was a mix of local performers through to some “big names” such as Lulu, Deacon Blue and others. It is impossible to list them all and certainly impossible to photograph the whole event. There was so much going on at one time in numerous venues.

Noyo photograph of funfair at Greenock event

Fittingly the event was set amid the old shipyard sites that once fitted out great and famous ships including some “Cunard Queens” and the docks with their vast sugar warehouses that historically brought prosperity to Greenock and beyond.

Noyo photograph of cruiser docking

Noyo photograph of Ocean Youth Trust yacht at Greenock

Noyo photograph of The Tall Ship mast

Noyo photograph of artist painting a Tall Ship

Noyo photograph of subtle light on yacht deck

Noyo photograph of ships in Greenock docks

Noyo photograph of crane at Greenock docks

Noyo photograph of boat anchor and bow

Noyo photograph of Europa in dock at The Tall Ships Race in Greenock

Noyo photograph of ship in Greenock docks

Some of the cranes and sheds stand as a reminder of the once proud shipbuilding tradition that earned the reputation for rugged, robust, strength as “Clyde built”.

Noyo photograph of massive old crane at Greenock dockland

Noyo photograph of the bow of a tall ship

Noyo photograph of Lord Nelson of the Jubilee Sailing Trust

All the photographs were taken by Scottish photographer Norman Young and are copyright ©.

Please respect copyright.


Visit The Tall Ships Greenock website.


These are the names of the ships listed as participating in the event with the Class, Country and Crew numbers;

Astrid Class A Netherlands 30

Christian Radich Class A Norway 115

Dar Mlodziezy Class A Poland 176

Eendracht Class A Netherlands 55

Europa Class A Netherlands 66

Lord Nelson Class A United Kingdom 50

Mir Class A Russia 199

Pelican of London Class A United Kingdom 40

Pogoria Class A Poland 52

Royalist Class A United Kingdom 33

Wylde Swan Class A Netherlands 50

Sorlandet Class A Norway 91

Gloria Class A Columbia 163

Tecla Class B Netherlands 20

Swan Class B United Kingdom 15

Spirit of Fairbridge Class B United Kingdom 18

Rupel Class B Belgium 16

Provident Class B United Kingdom 16

Mutin Class B France 22

Morning Star of Revelation Class B United Kingdom 14

Moosk Class B United Kingdom 10

Maybe Class B United Kingdom 14

Liv Class B Norway 8

Jolie Brise Class B United Kingdom 14

Johanna Lucretia Class B United Kingdom 12

De Gallant Class B Netherlands 23

Constantia Class B Sweden 22

Auno Class B Norway 10

Wyvern Av Aalesund Class B Norway 12

Irene Class B United Kingdom 17

Celtic Mist Class B Eire 9

Juan de Langara Class C Spain 12

Sirma Class C Netherlands 10

Alba Endeavour Class C United Kingdom 18

Alba Explorer Class C United Kingdom 18

Antwerp Flier Class C Belgium 21

Black Diamond of Durham Class C United Kingdom 10

Esprit Class C Germany 16

Neva Class C Russia 12

Gedania Class C Poland 19

John Laing Class C United Kingdom 18

Ocean Spirit Class C United Kingdom 22

Prolific Class C Norway 26

Spaniel Class C Latvia 12

Tomidi Class C Belgium 18

Zenobe Gramme Class C Belgium 17

Dar Szczecina Class C Poland 12

St Iv Class C Estonia 12

Rona II Class D United Kingdom 234

Oceans Dream Class D Poland 11

Urania Class D Netherlands 17

St Barbara V Class D United Kingdom 9

Miles to Go Class D Belgium 6

Camelot Class D Poland 12

Akela Class D Russia 16

Endorfina Class D Poland 10


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