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Festival on the Royal Mile 2011

Festival on the Royal Mile 2011

The annual Edinburgh Festival and Fringe is always worth a trip, at the very least to walk through the streets and soak up some of the atmosphere, if not to attend some of the shows.

There are always street entertainers, musicians, performers and show promoters that are bright, colourful and worth a photo if you can isolate them from the crowds or place them in a context.

These images were shot on the historic “Royal Mile”.

Photo of girl with painted face

This girl and boy with painted faces were promoting the performance of Oscar Wilde’s, “The Star Child”.

Photo of boy with painted face

Photo of silver lady

This silver lady was posing as a statue on a small plinth until someone throws a coin into her basket when she then changes her stance. Look into the eyes of the Silver Lady. She’ll hold you in a trance.

Photo is silver lady's face

All the photographs were taken by West Lothian photographer Norman Young and are copyright ©. Please respect copyright.


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