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Glasgow Christmas Decorations

Glasgow Christmas Decorations

Okay, okay, I know it’s only November and there are those who wish all the razzmatazz about Christmas would be confined to December. But it is now only one month until Christmas Eve and I was in Glasgow City Centre with time to take some shots.

Photos of Glasgow Christmas Decorations  and Lights

The final preparations are well under way for this year’s decorations and entertainments in George Square.

Photos of Glasgow Christmas Decorations  and Lights

There is an Ice Rink and a Big Wheel, the “Wheel of Excellence”, with glowing lights.

Photos of Big Wheel at Glasgow Gearge Square with Christmas Lights

The Christmas lights and displays are already creating a festive atmosphere too.

Photos of Glasgow Christmas Decorations  and Lights

Even if you don’t skate, you can soak up the atmosphere amid the historic statues and buildings around the George Square and the illuminated Glasgow City Chambers.

Photos of Glasgow City Chambers with Christmas Lights

Of course there are festive displays and Christmas Trees around the city shops too. This one is in Princes Square.

Photo of Princes Square Glasgow Christmas Decorations

There’d be no modern Christmas without Santa, his Reindeer and Sleigh.

Photos of Santa Reindeer and sleigh in Glasgow Christmas Decorations

And there’d be no traditional Christmas without a Nativity Story display.

Photo of Nativity scene in Glasgow Christmas Decorations

There is an allusion to toys, gifts and film themes.

Photo of Glasgow Christmas Decorations in Gearge Square

That’s those reindeer again with Rudolph out in front, ‘racing’ around the big Christmas Tree.

Photo of Christmas Scene Display in Glasgow Gearge Square

All set amid the statues and history.

Photo of a Christmasy George Square in Glasgow

The “Glasgow Aye” glows in the dark.

Photo of the Wheel of Excellence in Glasgow Gearge Square

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas, already.

Photo of Christmas Displays in Glasgow George Square

Got to love that Big Wheel. London Eye, eat your heart out! 🙂

Photo of Big Wheel in Glasgow George Square

There will be all sorts of music and other entertainment too.

These photographs were taken in November 2011 using a Fujifilm S5 DSLR. Shot in RAW format and processed in Photoshop CS2 ACR2.4

All the photographs were taken by Scottish photographer Norman Young and are copyright ©. Please respect copyright.


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