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Anya Gallaccio at Jupiter Artland

Photos from the ‘preview’ of ‘Red on Green’, an installation by Anya Gallaccio at Jupiter Artland (11 May 2012).

10,000 bright red rose heads arrayed. A beautiful, velvety, organic medium that over the next few weeks will….. decay.

Photo of installation by Anya Gallaccio at Jupiter Artland

Anya Gallaccio is a Paisley born Turner Nominee artist who now lives and works in the US.

She often works with materials such as ice, chocolate or salt, exploring their inherent nature and inevitable decay.

Anya is working on various installations at Jupiter Artland and this temporal one is a prologue to other permanent works.

Photo of installation by Anya Gallaccio at Jupiter Artland

A sea of vivid colour and scent.

Photo of installation by Anya Gallaccio at Jupiter Artland

Jupiter Artland is an unique resource showcasing contemporary sculpture in a constantly changing environment.

Land-sculptures, terraced earthworks with embedded paths by Charles Jencks remain but are never the same through changing light and weather.

Exploring the estate reveals works by others artists- Nathan Coley, Alec Finlay, Laura Ford, Andy Goldsworthy, Antony Gormley, Ian Hamilton Finlay, Anish Kapoor, Jim Lambie, Peter Liversidge, Cornelia Parker, Marc Quinn and Shane Waltener.

The artist in residence, gallery exhibitions and events ensure there’s something new each year.

The Jupiter experience is one that everyone can appreciate but especially if you love creative arts.

Conveniently located in a country estate close enough to have views of the Forth Railway Bridge and the Edinburgh skyline, Jupiter Artland is a worth a visit locals and tourists.

Read another article about Jupiter Artland on this website.

Opening times are limited so check for the latest information and find out more about Jupiter Artland and the Jupiter Artland Foundation on their website.

See, “Red on Green” weekly progress updates.

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