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Andy Murray’s Dunblane Homecoming 2012


A smiling Andy Murray returned to his home town of Dunblane near Stirling, Scotland on 16 September 2012.

Fresh from British Olympic Gold and Silver Medal success and his momentous maiden Grand Slam victory at the 2012 US Open Tennis Championship at Flushing Meadows, he was greeted by many thousands of fans and well-wishers from the town and further afield.

Despite several torrential downpours the crowds were rewarded as Andy walked the entire specified route shaking hands, signing autographs and posing for photographs. It was a long wait as this clearly took time. It was rumoured that the police attempted to hurry him up but he still took the time to connect with as many as possible.

It was challenging attempting to get some worthwhile shots among the chaos of the crowds but hopefully these convey some of the atmosphere.

It was nigh on impossible to get near enough for a good shot of the famous gold postbox painted in honour of his Olympic victory but his mother Judy happily posed as the crowds began to melt away.

Andy looked happy, relaxed and composed despite what must have been a very emotional experience for him.

Welcome home, Scotland’s proud son.


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